Interview: Filipino pro David Erquiaga on Action PH Poker Coaching Academy

Interview: Filipino pro David Erquiaga on Action PH Poker Coaching Academy

Many recognize David Erquiaga as the 2022 breakout player from the Philippines and WPT Prime Cambodia Main Event champion. In addition to his table success, Erquiaga is a poker coach for Action PH Poker Coaching Academy. Although the academy attracts mainly Filipino players,  the classes are available to anyone and everyone willing to learn, and most especially, want to win. 


*Complete interview transcribed below and translated from Tagalog. For the Tagalog version, scroll further down.

SMP: What is Action PH Poker Coaching Academy and why did you create it?

David Erquiaga: Action PH started a few years ago, pre pandemic. I saw a site selling action so I thought why not create a group for this? It started with just a group of close friends, and some investors who wanted to support their friends who played regularly. We called it ActionPH. It eventually grew into a community. At the same time it also became a team for esports, and now we’ve added poker coaching. We have different coaches for different levels — entry level, regular, recreational players, one on one coaching for those who want to turn pro, we guide them and teach them how to get to that level, or let them know what else they need to study. We have affiliate coaches for international players as well. It’s not just for locals, we take international students too, mostly from Asia because that’s where we mostly go for competitions. Our market has grown substantially compared to where we were a few years, before the pandemic, so I’d say we’re doing well.

SMP: Is coaching offered both live and online?

David Erquiaga: Yes, actually the majority of our topics are for tournaments, but they can be applied to cash and live games as well. Since we base things more on GTO, it’s more useful online. For live action, since we are also live players, we are able to share our live experiences, tips or suggestions on what students can use based on the level of their live game. Live and online are very different. With online, there are no live tells, it’s more math-based, numbers, head up display, how to exploit certain spots. That’s where you use the numbers. With live it’s more about experience in live tells. At the same time, your reference, your fundamentals should hold for both.

SMP: What type of poker games do you offer coaching for?

David Erquiaga: No limit hold’em for tournaments and cash games. In general, the fundamentals are the same for any game. You just have to adjust depending on the type of game you’re playing, the players, whether it’s cash game or tournament style. In cash, there’s only one blind. In tournaments, there are different levels of blinds, so that will dictate what you do. In general, the strategies we teach can be used in any setting.

IMG 6066

SMP: What was your motivation to coach and how did you know you were ready?

David Erquiaga: When we started I hadn’t decided whether I wanted to coach or play. Then I saw the potential in the market, there’s a lot of room for improvement and I knew that our players could be so much better but the question was, who would guide them, coach them to achieve that potential. I myself used to have a coach so I know it’s effective, and it makes a big impact on your game. Fortunately, I win games so I’m a credible coach. My students believe in me. I also keep myself updated on strategies that I can share, and I make sure those strategies are effective before sharing them.

SMP: What should really matter when deciding to take coaching classes?

David Erquiaga: You have to be willing to learn, and you have to be passionate about the game. Must have both. You might be willing to learn but without that passion, you won’t absorb all the knowledge. It is not enough to just listen and want to play casually. We want our students to listen and be coachable. Some people may have the money to pay for coaching sessions, but then they don’t listen — so they’ll keep making the same mistakes. They will have a hard time improving. So we’d like our students to be passionate and that’s why they get a coach.

SMP: What kind of mindset should students have to reap the full benefits of coaching?

David Erquiaga: The proper mindset would be the student really wants to win, the student wants to improve. If a player wants to get to the next level, that player will need help. It’s really difficult to get to the next level by yourself. It’s easier if you have a guide.

SMP: How do you figure out what skill level a student is in?

David Erquiaga: I know most of our students, so I know their skill level as well, whether the student is a recreational player, ready to turn pro, or a mid-level regular. The player should also know one’s skill level. We ask them to rate themselves on a scale of 1 to 10. If you are above 7, you’ll understand most of the strategies that we teach. If you are at 5 and below, we have coaches that will help you get to 7 or 8. Players from 1 to 5 are beginners, those who don’t know much about hand ranking, those who aren’t sure it is their turn. We have to classify them.

SMP: How do you teach hands and ranges? Do you play then review?

David Erquiaga: We use the GTOWizard app. For example, there is a certain spot that we want to check or review, then we want to look at the other spots, or other hand or other ranges that’s playable on that spot. Instead of playing that spot on a live table, we can look at the possible situations per position per stack size, it depends on the range. We can see it all in that app.

SMP: How many classes are needed to start seeing improvements and how many hours does a student need to practice what they’ve learned?

David Erquiaga: It doesn’t happen overnight. We like a lot of volume because every hand is unique. You can’t say you’ll always do this when you get this hand — for example, you both have pocket aces, but it’s in a different position, different board texture, you will play that hand differently.

SMP: In teaching problem solving, how do you balance gut feel, live tells, and game theory?

David Erquiaga: Mostly, we base our teachings on game theory. That’s our reference. I don’t like basing anything on gut feel because that’s a gambler mentality, it is not optimal. I don’t want them to think that way. Live tells are better, how you exploit the live tells of your opponent. But that also needs experience. If students ask, I tell them my thoughts like how to take notes on certain players including live tells, like how a player bets on a draw, how the player bets on top range, how the player steals. Recreational players and players who aren’t at the highest levels have tells.

SMP: What impact are you hoping to achieve in the community?

David Erquiaga: First, I want to make the community stronger because this is our bread and butter. I don’t think we have enough influencers or ambassadors for the game right now. That’s a big factor. If we have more influencers, more people will want to play.

SMP: Is your material available online?

David Erquiaga: Yes, we record our classes, and we put English subtitles for foreign students. But even better, we now have international affiliate coaches like Norbert Koh for Singapore or English, we won’t have a hard time anymore. We can send students to him for one-on-one coaching after sessions with us.

SMP: On a personal note, what was the most important leak you felt needed immediate attention to fix your game?

David Erquiaga: Before I won, my biggest leak was outside of poker. I was rattled by issues outside poker — my personal life sometimes wasn’t balanced. Because I focused on poker, my personal life suffered and this affected my game because it would be on my mind. So I got a mental coach, who is also an APH affiliate who helped with fundamentals. As a player, your entire focus should be on the game. You must be on your A-game. Mental preparation is really important.

SMP: Would you like to say a word to future students out there? 

David Erquiaga: Poker players or students who might be interested in signing up for coaching sessions may message us at the ActionPH facebook page. We have different coaches ready to guide you, whether you’re entry level, mid level, pro level. We even have mental coaches. We really want the local market for poker to grow so we’re willing to help new players. Let’s admit it, Filipinos love to gamble. They coach their fighting cocks, so why not poker players? Even in esports, basketball, chess, tennis, they all have coaches. So if you really want to compete or you’re serious about building a career in poker, we now have an academy that can help you.

*Interview was translated from Tagalog

IMG 6068

Interview in Tagalog

SMP: What is Action PH Poker Coaching Academy and why did you create it?

David Erquiaga: Yung Action PH actually nag-start siya few years ago, pre pandemic. May nakita akong isang site about selling action so naisip ko ba’t hindi kami gumawa ng group for this. Nag start siya actually group lang — kami, mga close friends and some investors na gustong sumuporta sa mga kaibigan nilang players, regular players. So dun nag start yung Action PH sa group na yon so tinawag naming siyang Action PH, eventually lumaki siya, halos naging community na. At the same time, Action PH naging parang team na rin siya for esports. Meron din akong team for esports. And ngayon, meron na rin kaming poker coaching. 

Meron kaming iba ibang coach for different levels, may entry level, may mga regular recreational, one on one coaching sa mga top pro, or mga regular players na gustong mag pro, ginaguide namin siya kung papaanong tamang paraan papaano sila makakarating doon or kung ano yung mga kailangan nilang aralin din. So meron din kaming affiliate coach for international players na gusto mag inquire. So hindi lang siya for local, for international din siya, mostly Asia, since yung Asia yung mostly pinupuntahan namin for competition, so yun. Medyo malawak na rin yung market ng APH compared sa a few years back, before pandemic, so tinging ko ok naman.

SMP: Is coaching offered both live and online?

David Erquiaga: Yes, actually majority ng topics namin for tournament, pero applicable din siya for cash and then for live meron din. Pero yung reference namin, since GTO  based almost yung reference namin so mas magagamit siya online. Pero sa live, since live player din kami, yung experience namin sa live na shashare din namin kung ano yung mga tips or yung mga pupuwede nilang ma add sa level nung game nila para sa live. Sobrang magkaiba kasi yung live at online. Yung online parang wala kang live tell, more on math based, numbers, di ba heads up display, mga ganiyan. Pano ma exploit yung certain spots, dun mo siya ginagamit, yung mga numbers. So sa live siyempre may factor na kino consider, more on experience sa live tells, mga ganiyan. At the same time reference mo, in theory dapat tama pa rin yung mga fundamentals mo.

SMP: What types of poker games do you offer coaching for?

David Erquiaga: No limit hold’em for tournaments and cash games. So in general naman halos iisa lang yung fundamentals na kailngan. Mag aadjust ka na lang accordingly, depende sa player, depende sa game type na nilalaro mo, sabihin natin cash game or tournament. So lets say cash game kasi iisa lang yung blinds. So tournament naman, iba iba yung level ng blinds so nag-iba yung igagalaw mo. Na-aaply mo rin siya for cash game lalo na pag deep ka sa tournament o the same lang sa cash game kasi deep yung buy in. In general halos nagagamit naman yung mga strategy na itinuturo naming.

SMP: What motivated you towards coaching and how did you know you were ready?

David Erquiaga: Nung time na yon actually hindi pa ako sure kung gusto ko talaga maging coach o gusto ko lang maglaro. Nung nakita ko yung market na may potential at alam ko na sobrang malaki pa ang kailangan maimprove ng players sa local scene, at nakita ko yung iba magaling na talaga pero may igagaling pa. So ang tanong sino ung maggaguide sa kanila, sino yung magcocoach sa kanila. Ako personally may coach din ako, nagpapacoach din ako before so alam ko kung gano siya kaeffective, kung ano ang magiging impact niya sa game mo. Fortunately nanalo naman kaya kung papano credible tayo maging coach. Naniniwala din naman yung students natin, same time nagaaral din naman ako ng mga updated strategy na pwedeng ishare sa kanila. Bago ko naman ishare gusto ko muna malaman kung effective.

SMP: What should really matter when deciding to take coaching classes?

David Erquiaga: Kailangan willing ka talaga matuto at ung passion mo nandun. Kasi kung willing ka matuto pero hindi ka naman passionate enough para iabsorb lahat ng knowledge, nakikinig ka lang kasi gusto mo muna maglaro dahil trip mo lang, hindi naman pwede ganun. Gusto naming yung tinuturuan namin nakikinig at coachable. Meron players na may pang bayad sa coach pero hindi naman nakikinig. Eventually ang leak nya paulit ulit paulit ulit pa rin. Mahihirapan sya mag improve. So kailangan pag student alam nya na gusto nya talaga ung ginagawa nya kaya siya kukuha ng coach.

SMP: What kind of mindset should students have to reap the full benefits of coaching?

David Erquiaga: Proper mindset lang naman yung gusto niya talaga manalo, gusto niya mag improve. Kung gusto ng player mag next level, syempre kailangan ng katulong. Mahirap mag level up ng solo lang. Mas madali pag alam mo na may maggaguide sa iyo.

SMP: How do you figure out what skill level a student is in?

David Erquiaga: Mostly naman ng student natin kakilala ko. Alam ko na yung skill level ng player, kung recreational player siya o ready na mag pro o regular siya na nasa mid-level so kailangan yung player mismo alam niya rin. Tinatanong ko rin una yun, rate yourself 1 to 10. Pag nasa above 7 ka na maiintindihan mo na yung ineexplain namin, most of the strategy na tinuturo namin. Pero pag nasa 5 and below ka, meron kaming coaches na mag aassist naman sayo para maangat sa 7 to 8 onwards. Etong 1 to 5 eto talaga ang mga beginner ung mga wala pang alam sa hand ranking masyado, yung mga nalilito kung turn na nya. Kinaclassify naming ng maayos yan.

SMP: How do you teach hands and ranges? Do you play then review?

David Erquiaga: meron kaming ginagamit na app na GTOWizard. Kunyari may certain spot gusto namin icheck o ireview, tapos kung ano yung ibang spots o ibang hands o ibang range na pwedeng iplayable sa spot na yun. Instead na on the spot na naglalaro kami, tinitingnan na namin yung mga possible situations per position, per stack size, depende sa range pa rin. Masisilip namin lahat doon.

SMP: How many classes are needed to start seeing improvements and how many hours does a student need to practice what they’ve learned?

David Erquiaga: Hindi sya manyayari overnight. Mas gusto natin, mas maraming volume para malaman natin kasi every hand is unique. Kasi hindi nila pwede igeneralize sa isang hand ung sa susunod na hand. Kunyari same kayo may pocket Aces pero iba ung position or board texture. Iba ung lalaruin mo.

SMP: In teaching problem solving, how do you balance gut feel, live tells, and game theory?

David Erquiaga: Siyempre ung pinakabase natin ang game theory, yan yung reference natin. Yung gut feel, hindi ko gusto yon kasi parang gambler’s mentality yun, hindi optimal, kaya ayaw ko isipin nila yun. More on live tells pwede, kung paano nila ieexploit yung live tells ng kalaban. Pero nasa experience na yan. Pagnagtatanong naman ung students, shinashare ko pa naman ung thoughts ko. Kunyari kung paano ako magnote sa certain player including live tell. Kunyari paano sya tumaya ng draw, kung paano sya tuamaya ng top range, kung paano sya mag steal, so may mga tell rin yung mga recreational at yung mga hindi pa masyado top player.

SMP: What impact are you hoping to achieve in the community?

David Erquiaga: Una, gusto ko mapalakas yung community kasi ito yung hanap buhay namin. Sa ngayon tinging ko kulang pa yung mga influencer or ambassador sa game. Sobrang laking factor yun. Kung magkakaroon ng maraming influence, mas maigi para sa community.

SMP: Is your material available online?

David Erquiaga: Yes kasi nirecord namin and then lalagyan rin namin ng English subtitles para sa doon na gusto na mag participate na foreign students.  Pero kagandahan ngayon, meron narin kaming affiliate na international coaches like Norbert Koh for Singaporean o English, hindi na tayo mahihirapan. Pwede natin irefer sa kanya for one-on-one coaching after sessions namin.

SMP: On a personal note, what was the most important leak you felt needed immediate attention to fix your game?

David Erquiaga: Before ako nanalo yung pinaka leak ko is outside poker. Na rattle ako sa mga issue outside poker, sa personal life ko, kasi minsan hindi balanced. Dahil hindi balanced, more on poker ako, yung personal life ko parang nagsasuffer. Same time naaapecto yung game ko kung iniisip ko yun. Kaya meron kaming kinuha na mental coach na affiliate APH din, tutulungan yun para meron sa fundamentals at meron din sa mental. Para as a player buong buo sya pag maglalaro sya. A-game talaga. Importante yung mental preparation.

SMP: Would you like to say a word to future students out there? 

David Erquiaga: Yung mga poker player or interested students na gustong magpa coach or mag improve yun game, pwede kayong mag message sa Action PH facebook page namin, so meron kaming iba ibang coaches ready mag guide sa inyo — entry level, mid level, pro level, meron tayong available coach for them, even mental coach pwede. Since gusto naming lumaki yung local market for poker, willing kaming tulungan yung mga bagong players din kung anong dapat nilang i-improve sa game. Sabihin natin kasi ang pinoy mahilig talaga sa sugal, aminin na natin, ok? Pati nga manok kino-coach nila, bakit hindi mismo yung player. Even sa esports, even sa ibang sports, basketball, chess, tennis, lahat yan may coach. So gusto niyo talagang mag compete at maging seryoso sa poker career niyo, so meron na rin tayong academy na pwedeng tumulong sa inyo.

*All photos provided by David Erquiaga

USOP: Poker 2U Taiwan Series 20M ensured in less than a week!– February 10 to 19 at CTP Club

USOP: Poker 2U Taiwan Series 20M ensured in less than a week!-- February 10 to 19 at CTP Club

In simply under a week, U Series of Poker makes landfall in Taipei City, Taiwan! This is the brand name’s very first endeavor into the live arena and it intends to be extremely remarkable including 23 prize occasions and TWD 20 Million (| $625,600) in ensured reward swimming pools. If you missed our earlier posts, no fret as we will go through what’s lined up, simply scroll down.

Screenshot 20230107 033845

The much expected inaugural USOP: Poker2U Taiwan Series happens at the Chinese Texas Hold ’em Poker Association(CTP Club)from February 10 to 19, 2023. This is the most popular card space in Taiwan with global celebrations hosted a minimum of when a month. With the occasion quick approaching, gamers still have time to get the Early Bird Package. 2 rates are used: Standard $660 and Premium $1,733.

For brand-new visitors, poker grew in Taiwan in 2019 and has actually because kept its rate. Due to its distance, weather condition, safe environment, and all around enjoyable yet competitive ambiance, it has actually turned into one of the leading options for poker gamers in Asia. In November 2022, Taiwan opened its borders to various nations all over the world. This led to a record breaking World Poker Tour Prime Taiwan Main Event with over TWD 25 Million paid.

Surefire Events

The USOP– Poker2U Taiwan Series dishes out 23 competitions with 5 of them taking pride in ensured reward swimming pools totaling up to a combined TWD 20 Million. These choose competitions vary in buy ins from as low as TWD 8,000 to the greatest of TWD 66,000.

Tournament Dates Guarantee

February 15 to 19

TWD 10,000,000 TWD 20,000 Kick Off February 10 to 11 TWD 2,000,000 TWD 8,000 Mystery Bounty< td data-sheets-value =" "> February 11 to 13 TWD 3,000,000 TWD 10,000 High Roller February 14 to 15< td data-sheets-value =""1":2,"2":" TW$ 3,000,000""> TWD 3,000,000 TWD 66,000 Megastack< td data-sheets-value =" "> February 18 to 19 TWD 2,000,000 TWD 15,000 Centerpiece– TWD 10,000,000(| US$ 326,300)ensured The occasion everybody need to not lose out on is the TWD 10 Million ensured Main Event which ranges from February 15 to 19. The very first 3 days are committed to entry flights. 4 are set up with the last one a Turbo format. Purchase in is TWD 20,000(| US$ 660 ), definitely among the more budget friendly of all the worldwide celebrations that have actually been staged in Taiwan. Huge rewards wait for the inaugural live champ such as bragging rights, biggest piece of the pot, and the grand reward Main Event prize. To attempt to get in for even more affordable, 3 Main Event Satellites are used with buy in of simply TWD 4,000(| US$ 140 ). Start– TWD 2,000,000(|

US$ 65,260)ensured The Kick Off occasion blasts open the series with a TWD 2,000,000

ensured reward swimming pool. This occasion sets the tone as gamers fight for the very first live title of the brand name brand-new series. Just 2 flights are used, both working on opening day, February 10. The very first flight is at 1pm and the 2nd is a Turbo format which begins at 6pm. Purchase in is TWD 8,000(| US$ 260 ). Secret Bounty– TWD 3,000,000(| US$ 97,890) ensured The Mystery Bounty illuminate the action on the 2nd

day. This is presently the most popular bounty format worldwide. What sets it apart is actually the term”luck of the draw “. Just gamers that reach ITM have an opportunity at bounty benefits. A lot of drama along with bounty rewards stay a secret up until they are drawn and exposed. The occasion ranges from February 11 to 13. The very first 2 days will each see 2 flights run, one routine format and one turbo. All the survivors combine on the 3rd day to ferret out the biggest bounty benefits. Purchase in is TWD 10,000 (|

US$ 330) with TWD 4,500 per entry going to the bounty swimming pool. High-stakes Gambler– TWD 3,000,000(| US$

97,890)ensured Gamers looking for a mix of hard competitors, little fields, and big pots will discover that the TWD 3 Million ensured High Roller is the ideal fit. With its expensive price of TWD 66,000 (| US$ 2,160), it will bring in a tight group of gamers with deep pockets. The occasion ranges from Feb 14 to 15. Late registration is open on Day 2. This is among 4 high-stakes gambler occasions arranged.

Megastack– TWD 2,000,000 (| US$ 65,260) ensured

The Megastack bookends the series with a minimum TWD 2 Million reward swimming pool for the selecting. While the structure has yet to be launched, gamers can presume a huge beginning stack to permit a lot of time on the felt. To go into, 2 flights are arranged on February 18 with buy in of TWD 15,000 (| US$ 500). All of the survivors carry on to Day 2 which occurs on the celebration’s last day, February 19.

High-stakes Gambler Events

In addition to the High Roller TWD 3M ensured are 3 other high-stakes gambler occasions of differing buy ins nevertheless no ensured reward swimming pools connected.

Mini High Roller– February 13– TWD 33,000 (| US$ 1,080)
Single Day High Roller– February 16– TWD 44,000 (| US$ 1,450)
Super High Roller– February 18 to 19– TWD 100,000 (| US$ 3,300)

Other occasions

The remainder of the side occasions are a range of NLH formats that consist of Turbos, Bounty Hunter, Ladies Event, and novice Run It Twice. For other variations, Pot Limit Omaha lovers will see 2 noted and for Short Deck gamers just one which works on the last day.

Screenshot 20230118 014034

Screenshot 20230118 014121

Brief history of USOP Introduced in 2021, U-Series of Poker (USOP)World of Champions initially showcased its brand name of competitive competition poker at online app UPoker. It ran for 9 successive weekends from late-January to March with over 2M in ensured rewards. The very first Main Event grand champ was Leo Cutait from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Due to its substantial success, a 2nd one was rapidly held from August to mid-September then a 3rd one in 2022 which ran the longest from July 17 to September 4.

For more on the brand name, head to the USOP site

Prepare yourself for Triton Poker Vietnam this March

Prepare yourself for Triton Poker Vietnam this March

Premium poker brand name, Triton Poker, has actually set its imprint in numerous locations all over the world and coming this March, Vietnam will be contributed to that list. Exposed previously this month, the occasion occurs from March 1 to 13 at Hoiana Resort & & Golf in Hoi An, Vietnam. It will be the brand name’s very first celebration of the brand-new year and 3rd stop of Season 2.

Screenshot 20230123 061819

Since its beginning in 2016, Triton Poker has actually turned into one of the significant driving forces of the high stakes scene, particularly for video games beyond Las Vegas. Its nosebleed competitions combine the world’s elite such as Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey, Jason Koon, Michael Addamo, Justin Bonomo, Daniel Cates, all under one roofing system where they contend for millions.

In 2019, the London stop generated $14.8 Million, the wealthiest Triton Main Event reward swimming pool to date. Malaysia’s Wai Kin Yong filched over $3.1 Million. In 2015, 2 brand-new locations were included, Spain and Cyprus. Centerpiece champs Henrik Hecklen and Punnat Punsri each made over $2 Million.

At the upcoming Triton Poker Vietnam, huge rewards will when again be at stake. 2 poker variations are included, No Limit Hold ’em and Short Deck, for an overall of 13 big occasions. Competition purchase ins begin at $15,000 and go as high as $100,000 for the NLH Main Event. For the very first time a bounty occasion has actually been contributed to the lineup and it is none besides the trend-setting Mystery Bounty. Purchase in is set at $20K. The $50K SD Main Event closes the series.

In 2015, Triton signed online giantGGPoker as title sponsor for among its celebrations. With GGPoker set to bring its extremely revered Super MILLION$ into the live arena, it is not a surprise to see it in the approaching lineup. The GG Super MILLION$ Live starts the series with buy in at $25,000.

IMG 5849

Off the felt, the charming town of Hoi An has plenty to use. Found on the eastern border, its long shoreline produces a great break from the action inside. The town is likewise an acknowledged UNESCO World Heritage website and it is simply a stone’s toss from Da Nang, among the nation’s well-known traveler locations.

For the complete schedule, head to the Triton Poker site.

Upcoming live celebrations in Asia: CTP Championship Series x Japan High Roller, APL Hong Kong, APT Hanoi, USOP: Poker2U-Taiwan Series

Upcoming live celebrations in Asia: CTP Championship Series x Japan High Roller, APL Hong Kong, APT Hanoi, USOP: Poker2U-Taiwan Series

After a rush of profitable season openers illuminating the Asian area, the next wave of video games is at hand. Make certain to mark them down.

CTP Championship X Japan High Roller Series: January 27 to February 6

Screenshot 20230126 114335

Popular card space, Chinese Texas Hold ’em Poker Association aka CTP Club and Japan High Roller collaborate for an eleven day affair from January 27 to February 6. This occasion has actually remained in the works for a long time however was shelved due to the pandemic. With borders now open, the much waited for series is back on track. The occasion includes 29 prize occasions of

buy ins from NT$ 2,000 (|$65)to NT$ 100,000(|$3,300)and an overall warranty of NT$ 7 Million. Secret occasions are the Championship Event which opens with an abundant NT$ 4 Million (| $ 131,870 )assurance and the Main Event with a NT$ 3 Million(|$98,900) assurance. A huge turnout is anticipated with gamers from both Taiwan

Screenshot 20230122 023737

Screenshot 20230122 023747 1and Japan having actually won seats in the – previous years.< img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-94176"src=""alt="Screenshot 20230122 023737"width= "844"height ="805" srcset=” 844w, 300w ,×572.png 600w”sizes=”( max-width: 844px)100vw, 844px “title=”Upcoming live celebrations in Asia: CTP Championship Series x Japan High Roller, APL Hong Kong, APT Hanoi, USOP: Poker2U-Taiwan Series 16″> APL Hong Kong – January 28 to February 6 Brace yourself for APL Hong Kong! Previously called Asia Poker League, the Ace Poker League(APL )will host a ten-day celebration at Match Poker Esports Arena in Central, Hong Kong from January 28 to February 6, 2023. An overall of 12 competitions are arranged. This is the 2nd ever worldwide live poker occasion to be hosted on Hong Kong grass. Back at the 2019 APL Finale Vietnam, APL CEO Judic Kim and

Screenshot 20230126 114626

Hong Kong Game Club’s Ricky Cheung, went into a collaboration that would increase the existence of the brand name in

Hong Kong. With the pandemic tossing a wrench on those strategies, it resulted in a three-year hiatus. In spite of this, in mid December, APL and HKGC revealed APL Hong Kong. 2 weeks earlier, more excellent news showed up. Hong Kong borders were lastly stated available to tourist without any quarantine needed. Qualifiers and satellites to APL Hong Kong have actually been running every Wednesday and Thursday considering that December 21. The last of it was held onsite today. Gamers still seeking to get in the occasion will need to attempt their luck when doors open on January 28. APT Hanoi – February 3 to 12 The Asian Poker Tour opens its 2023 season at the Vietnam Series of Poker(VSOP)in

Screenshot 20230120 023528

Hanoi –, Vietnam

. The ten-day celebration ranges from February 3 to 12, 2023 including VN 20 Billion(|$852,900)in warranties. Gamers can anticipate this figure to be quickly squashed with 41 prize occasions lined up and an APT Main Event boasting a VN 10,000,000,000(| $426,400)assurance. Competition purchase ins variety from VN 4,400,000(| $185)to VN 107,000,000 (|$4,560). APT Hanoi – Schedule With Vietnam a hotbed of exhilarating poker action, global gamers of differing ability levels are anticipated to fly in. Make sure to provide the schedule a micro appearance as there are a lot of video games available daily, particularly for low to mid-ranged stakes. For those thinking about occasions with assurances, 8 are arranged. High-stakes gamblers are likewise covered with 6 occasions on tap. In 2015, the APT resumed its live circuit trip after being grounded for 2 years. The brand name staged an overall of 12 celebrations and paid over US$ 15.2 Million. The

APT Summer Hanoi at the – VSOP was the wealthiest of all the Vietnam stops, – accumulating VN 43.8 Billion(|$ 1.86 + Million

. USOP: Poker2U – Taiwan Series – February 10 to 19 Among the brand-new poker companies emerging throughout the pandemic was U Series of Poker. After holding 3 extremely effective online occasions, the brand name now dives into the live arena with 10 days of video games occurring at partner location Chinese Texas Hold ’em Poker Association (CTP Club) in Taipei City, Taiwan.

Screenshot 20230107 033845

< img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-93498"src="" alt="Screenshot 20230107 033845"width ="726"height=" 510 "srcset=" 726w, 300w, 600w"sizes="( max-width: 726px)100vw, 726px"title=" Upcoming live celebrations in Asia: CTP Championship Series xJapan High Roller, APL Hong Kong, APT Hanoi, USOP: Poker2U-TaiwanSeries 21″> Dubbed as USOP: Poker2U-Taiwan Series, the young brand name comes out really strong with NT$ 20 Million(| US$ 625,600)in ensured reward swimming pools. The Main Event loads the heftiest warranty of VN 10,000,000(|$326,300). In overall, 23 competition prizes are up for grabs. The series ranges from February 10 to 19, 2023.

As early as now, gamers can get the Early Bird Package with 2 costs used: Standard $660 and Premium $1,733. Revealed today on the USOP facebook page are USOP restricted edition power banks. To get among these unique products, ensure to DM the USOP.

Screenshot 20230107 034253

< img class="size-full wp-image-93502 aligncenter" src="" alt="Screenshot 20230107 034253" width="601" height="829" srcset=" 601w, 217w" sizes =" (max-width: 601px) 100vw, 601px" title="Upcoming live celebrations in Asia: CTP   Championship Series x Japan High Roller, APL Hong Kong, APT Hanoi, USOP: Poker2U-Taiwan Series 22" >

Have a look at Your 2023 Zodiac Luck Forecast

Have a look at Your 2023 Zodiac Luck Forecast

170123 N8 Lunar New Year 800x450 1

Life can in some cases be viewed as among those video games of possibility: as every day shows up, we have no genuine concept of what’s in shop. According to Chinese beliefs, the year of our birth sees us being appointed an effective animal. While there can be little conflict that luck plays a part in life, it’s stated that our zodiac animal has a considerable effect too. In 2023, we invite the year of the bunny and eagerly anticipate a year of positivity. If you’ve made sacrifices over the last couple of years you can be sure that this is the year when you’ll be rewarded. For those who have actually been preparing and sowing the seeds of success, this is the year when you’ll gain all that you’ve planted and there will be adequate chance to commemorate.

For those who delight in playing poker, and other gambling establishment video games, 2023 is set to be a fantastic year. That’s due to the fact that the year of the Rabbit is a time when everybody is handed an included scattering of luck. While poker might well be a video game of ability, a dosage of luck can still go some method to assist gamers win the hand. For those that choose a video game of luck, this is the year when you ought to be comfy taking somewhat more danger than normal.

In general, the year of the Rabbit is the year of wealth, all the best and benefits. Find out more about your 2023 Zodiac Luck Forecast and let it direct you in the Year of the Rabbit.

Play, Spin & & Win This Lunar New Year With Natural8

Introduce the Year of The Rabbit with the Natural8-exclusive Wheel of Fortune, where you can win approximately $8,888 in prize money.

Wheel of Fortune

            • 22nd – – 29th January 2023
            • $8,888 in Cash Prizes

The Wheel of Fortune will have 3 phases: Play, Spin, and Redeem.

Throughout the Play phase, you can make a spin a day simply by playing a minimum of $20 at your preferred Casino Games. In overall, you can get as much as 8 spins over the very first 8 days of the Lunar New Year.

When the Play phase has actually ended, it’s time to Spin the Wheel. Utilize the spins that you gathered in the previous phase to get your red packages. With a little aid from Lady Luck, you may wind up with the greatest red package – –$888!

.?.!! The Redeem phase begins when you have actually gathered all your red packages. This phase lasts till 31st Dec 2023, so you will have a lot of time to redeem them.

Discover more about the promo by checking out Wheel of Fortune.

About Natural8

Natural8 is Asia’s biggest online poker space and tailored towards leisure gamers. A skin on the reliable GGPoker Network, Natural8 is completely certified and authorised. Anybody can sign up with totally free, and there are no surprise costs.

On top of the $120 million ensured reward swimming pool for competitions on a monthly basis, Natural8 likewise uses a lot of promos for brand-new gamers. These specials total up to an overall of $1,858 – – quickly among the very best in the online poker scene – – and consist of:

  • Free $8 Bonus – – With a minimum deposit of $10.
  • Deposit Bonus – – Match your very first deposit by 200% (as much as a worth of $1,000) or get $100 in instantaneous benefits.
  • $500 First Deposit Flipout

Taiwan Millions Tournament 13 pays over $1M; Ding Siang Lin wins Main Event; Lok Ming Chan, Yu Wei Chang, Zong Chi He amongst leading highlights

Taiwan Millions Tournament 13 pays over $1M; Ding Siang Lin wins Main Event; Lok Ming Chan, Yu Wei Chang, Zong Chi He amongst leading highlights

The Chinese Texas Hold ’em Poker Association (CTP Club Taipei) opened the brand-new year with the 13th edition of the Taiwan Millions Tournament. Ranging from January 2 to 17, the extremely popular homegrown celebration ensured gamers NT$ 10 Million in combined reward swimming pools. Like previous editions, residents gathered, filling the space to capability. At the close, it tripled the quantity, paying NT$ 31.4+ Million, comparable to over 1 Million USD. In addition, the Daily Deepstack and TMT side occasions created over $40K.


Topping the headings were Taiwan’s Ding Siang Lin and Chia Jung Liu, both gamers banking huge at the Main Event, Hong Kong’s Lok Ming Chan outlived the 1,799 record field of the Mystery Bounty, Yu Wei Chang closed out

2 occasions, and well recognized regional pro Zong Chi He secured the Player of the Series title. We have those stories and more down below. Up next at the CTP Club is the CTP High Roller Series x Japan High Roller Series from January 27 to February 6 followed by the U Series of Poker: Poker2U-Taiwan Series from February 10 to 19. Information are at the bottom of the page.

* All images by CTP

TMT 13: Festival highlights

Occasion 1-20 reward swimming pool: NT$ 31,404,595 (| $1,035,360)
Daily Deepstack 1-13 reward swimming pool: NT$ 583,750 (| $19,245)
TMT 1-5 reward swimming pool: NT$ 685,160 (| $22,588)
Total celebration entries: 6,757
Centerpiece reward swimming pool: NT$ 11,424,270 (| $376,635)
Main Event winner: Ding Siang Lin – – NT$ 1,820,000(|$60,000)Main
Event runner-up: Chia Jung LIu NT$ 1,700,000 (| $56,-000)
Record breaker: Mystery Bounty – – 1,799 entries Secret Bounty champ: Lok Ming Chan – NT$ 858,000(bounties not consisted of)Multi winner: Yu Wei Chang – NLH 300K GTD, Megastack Closer 300K GTD
Gamer of the Series: Zong Chi He DING SIANG LIN turns for Main Event title It was a tough combated fight at direct in between Ding SiangLin and Chia Jung Liu, and in the end, both gamers gave up to each other’s expertise and turned for the win. Lin’s luck fared best to catch his very first live title

and a profession high NT$ 1,820,000 (| $60K). Relive thelast 8 race to success through the tape-recorded livestream on CTP Twitch or check outup on the last highlights down below. Chia Jung Liu and Ding Siang Lin The Main Event drew 1,732 entries over 4 beginning days for a guarantee-crushing reward swimming pool of NT$ 11,424,300(|$376,630). Each beginning day bagged up at ITM. In overall, 207 advanced with Ding Siang Lin bring the 2nd biggest stack into Day 2. The phase ended when the last 9 was developed. In the motorist’s seat was Chia Jung Liu with Lin routing close behind. By four-handed, Lin had actually browsed to the top, collecting half of the chips in play. Liu remained in hot pursuit and removed Hao Ran Li(4th)to gain back the lead. Directs came when Peng Sen Wu fell on an unbearable bad beat from Lin. It was all in on the turn, Wu was looking excellent with set, Lin had gutshot directly flush draw, to everybody’s surprise, Lin rivered it 8c. The last dash for the Calocedrus formosana wood prize started with both gamers extremely deep, Liu 100 BB and Lin 72 BB. The counts turned on a board with Lin holding straight to Liu’s bottom set. After one hour, the tight race ended on an offer and a one-hand flip. Lin declared it in addition to NT$ 1,820,000, Liu likewise constructed well taking house NT$ 1,700,000. Dates: January 8 to 16 Purchase in: NT$ 8,000 (|$260)Guarantee: NT$ 5,000,000(|$163,280)Entries: 1,732 Reward swimming pool: NT$ 11,424,300(|$376,630)ITM: 207 gamers Final payments in NT$ 1 Ding Siang Lin 1,820,000 * 2 Chia Jung Liu 1,700,000 * 3 Peng Sen Wu 825,000 4 Hao Ran Li 600,900 5 Po Hung Lai 400,400 6 Patrick4c Liang 283200 7 Yu Hao Su 236800 8 Pin Hao Huang 201700 9 Chih Feng Li 170000 * Heads up offer LOK MING CHAN removes the record breaking Mystery Bounty The trendiest bounty competition around the world is unquestionably the

Mystery Bounty and for this TMT edition, it was more popular than ever. It drew in 1,799 entries, beating its previous record of 1,728. The leading 208 made a piece of the NT$ 5,933,100 reward swimming pool with Hong Kong’s Lok Ming Chan banking NT$ 858,000. He likewise
won an extra 5 bounties. Relive the last table race by means of the tape-recorded livestream on CTP Twitch. Seeing Chan at the top comes as

not a surprise. The Hong
Kong pro has actually been

acquiring win after win in Taiwan, specifically at

the CTP Club’s homegrown occasions. Considering that his very first money in 2019, he has actually won 31 occasions. In 2015, Chan pursued the dream, handling his very first World Series of Poker in Las Vegas then emerged a bracelet winner at the$2500 Mixed Big Bet. This was his very first win beyond Taiwan and his biggest of $144K. His current victory pressed Chan’s live incomes to almost $600K. Dates: January 5 to 8 Purchase in: NT$ 4,000 Warranty: NT$ 1,000,000( |$32,655 )Entries: 1,799 Reward swimming pool: NT$ 5,933,100(|$195,600 )ITM : 208 Final table payments in NT$( unique of bounties) 1 Lok Ming Chan 858,000 2 Kaiser Huang 508000 3 Szu Wei Chiu 314,000 4 Chi Jen Chen 225,000 5 Weichen

Screenshot 20230122 014002

Liu 15000 6 Yan Chen Jiang 10,500 7 Ching Chun Wu 92500 8 Chang Wei Huang 78200 9 Kai Cheng Hsu 66500 ZONG CHI HE wins Player of the Series No Taiwan celebration is total without regional professional Zong Chi He in the spotlight. At TMT 12, Zong left as the most significant earner for bagging 2 occasions and runner up at the Main Event. Carrying on to this series, Zong started with a triumph at the Pot Limit Omaha 7-Max then continued to cash at various occasions to hold company in the upper 3 of the Player of the Series leaderboard. On the last day, it was a tight race in between Zong and Weichen Liu with the latter somewhat ahead in points.

Liu stopped working to enhance while Zong ended up 3rd in the Super High Roller to clinch the POS win. He was granted NT$ 60,000 credit to TMT 14 and a POS prize. YU WEI CHANG ships 2 occasions –

NLH 300K GTD and Megastack Closer Yu Wei Chang left as the only gamer to liquidate 2 occasions, and both were throughout the last days of the series. Chang initially bested a field of 206 entries at the No Limit Hold ’em 300K GTD occasion then liquidated the series outlasting 170 runners of the Megastack Closer 300K GTD. He gathered a combined NT$ 201,600(|$6,640). Celebration winners(Event 1-20)Event Entries Reward swimming pool in NT$ Winner Payment in NT$ MAIN EVENT 1,732 11,424,300 Ding Siang Lin 1,820,000 Secret Bounty 1,799 5,933,100 Lok Ming Chan 858,000 1 110 1,067,000 Chia Chaing Ko 280,000 2 333 532,970 Dong Hao Jiang 124,500 3 114 328,980 Zong Chi He 86,800 4 191 472,440 Meanen Xie 93,100 5 180 519,440 Pin Hao Huang 128,300 8 80 1,552,000 Chingwei Chen

430,600 9 405 1,699,610 Chien Chih Weng 383,000 10 88 1,088,340 Michael Newby 306,000 11 144 356,180 Shao Ting Jian 72,400 12 104 300,120 Yutang Wang 80,400 13 41 676,090 Tao Chu 270,400 14 256 1,688,580 Jia Chi Lee 553,700 15 35 317,430 Pi Ying Hsu 135,800 16 37 1,647,350 Hsuan Chao Chen 610,100 17 55 136,040 Huawei

Lin 46,000 18 206 339,690 Yu Wei Chang 79,200 19 46 834,390 Lee Kun Han 303,400 20 170 490,580

Screenshot 20230122 015915

Yu Wei Chang 122,400 Up next at the CTP Club 2 huge occasions are turning up at the CTP Club. Up is the CTP High Roller Series x Japan High Roller Series. This occasion has actually remained in the works for a long time however was shelved due to the pandemic. With borders now open, the much waited for series is back on track. It happens from January 27 to February 7, 2023 including 29 prize occasions of buy ins from NT$ 2,000(|$65 )to NT$ 100,000( |

$3,300). Secret

occasions are the

Championship Event which opens with an abundant NT$
4 Million(|$131,870)assurance and the Main Event with a NT$ 3 Million

(|$98,900)warranty. A huge turnout is anticipated

with gamers

from both Taiwan

and Japan having actually won

seats in
the previous


A couple of days after, the U Series of Poker: Poker

2U Taiwan Series gets on the felt with video games ranging from February 10 to 19. This is the very first live celebration by the USOP and it is anticipated to be a chartbuster. International gamers have actually currently verified participation with more anticipated to do the same. The approaching celebration includes a tremendous NT$

Screenshot 20230122 023737

Screenshot 20230122 023747 1

20 Million(|$ 659,300 )in ensured reward swimming pools. The Main Event will be one hot ticket with an enthusiastic NT$ 10 Million GTD( |$329,600 )in tow. In addition are 23 side occasions that consist of Mystery Bounty, Megastack, and a range of options for high-stakes gamblers. USOP: Poker2U Taiwan Series – Full Schedule breakdown

Natural8 Announces Asian Poker Tour Online (APTO) Schedule

Natural8 Announces Asian Poker Tour Online (APTO) Schedule


Natural8 to host APTO series with$10,000,000 in warranties. Recently, Natural8 signed a five-year contract to end up being the Title Sponsor for the Asian Poker Tour (APT) and will

commemorate the brand-new relationship with the Asian Poker Tour Online (APTO )Series. Today, Natural8 revealed the complete schedule for the APT Online which occurs from February 12 to March 5, 2023 and includes the APTO Main Event which has a$800 buy-in and includes a

$2,000,000 reward swimming pool warranty. The amazing online series starts February 12th with the $215 buy-in 2023 Bounty Kickoff occasion which, properly, includes a $202,300 reward swimming pool warranty. The opening weekend likewise consists of the $2,500 buy-in Superstar Challenge ($250,000 GTD) that intends to bring in the who’s who of the poker world.

Other highlights consist of the USD $125 buy-in APTO Mini Main Event ($500,000 GTD) and USD$ 210 buy-in APTO Mystery Bounty ($1,000,000 GTD). The latter functions the extremely popular secret bounty format with a leading bounty of $50,000 in the last.

In overall, the online series will host 17 title occasions which will award a real-life APTO prize to each particular winner and an everyday schedule of satellites and side occasions. The total series boasts USD $10,000,000 in assurances.

As title sponsors and hosts for the APT Online Series, Natural8 has actually included special promos such as freerolls, live occasion bundles, a Player of the Series leaderboard, and more. The Weekly Saturday Freeroll is offered now and presently provides $1,500 in APTO tickets and is totally free to bet all Natural8 gamers.

Natural8 gamers will likewise have the ability to get approved for the live APT Taiwan occasion in April by taking part in future Road to APT Taiwan satellites or through the Natural8 LiveX Packages that are granted to all APTO prize winners using Natural8.

For the total APTO schedule and information please see APT Online Series.

* All rewards and buy-ins remain in USD
** Terms and conditions will obtain all promos discussed in the post above.

Online Slots Canada: Top Games and Guide to Play Legally

Online slots Canada play

Online casinos in Canada offer registration and bet bonuses, provide a range of 1000+ products and 25+ providers, arrange tournaments and draw jackpots. Choose the real online slots Canada and play in a legal way with the help of our reviews.

Reviews of Best Playing Real Money Online Slots Canada

Let’s highlight some best online slots Canada which gain the most popular among local players.

1. Immortal Romance

The vampire theme is one of the most popular in modern culture. The provider Microgaming did not bypass it either, devoting the Immortal Romance slot to the theme of the forbidden love of a simple girl and an immortal vampire. It is the fascinating storyline that brought the slot machine in demand among online casino players.

There is also a bonus round – Wild Desire, which starts in random order and turns the reels (one or several) into a solid wild symbol, which is the logo with the name of the slot machine. Thanks to the excellent design quality and numerous bonus rounds, the slot device deserves the attention of all fans of the vampire sagas.

2. Jurassic Park

Slot machines based on famous films and TV series dedicated to the legendary science fiction film Jurassic Park.

The game symbols are the main characters of the picture, as well as various dinosaurs, made with photographic realism.

There are 243 opportunities for receiving payments here. The multi-stage bonus game is very interesting, each of the rounds is named after a dinosaur – Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, Dilophosaurus. Innovative T-Rex Alert function consists in the appearance of additional Wilds on the reels, which significantly increases the player’s chances of receiving payments.

3. Break Away

Sports-dedicated slot machines hold a special place in the hearts of gamblers. Among them, the Break Away dedicated to hockey stands out. The hockey theme is emphasized by all design elements – from the symbols represented by the images of the referee, the stadium, hockey players, etc.

Online slots Canada

Another unique feature is Smashing Wild. In random order, a hockey player may appear on the three central reels, turning all the symbols on this reel into wild ones.

The beautiful design combined with great animation effects and well-done audio creates an atmosphere of the real presence in a massive stadium.

Legal Canada Real Online Slots

First, you need to find a reliable casino with a valid license that pays all prize money on time and provides good support for players. You can find these casinos on our list. Then just follow a simple guide. The instruction includes easy steps that both a beginner and a pro should do:

  • fill out a form where the administration asks to indicate the email address, phone number, age, contacts for communication;
  • agree to the rules and privacy policy;
  • confirm registration and verify your account;
  • fill in the “Personal Information” section and gain access to your account.

After verification, the user can deposit the balance with the expectation of bonuses (but also, you will have to agree to participate in the loyalty program). You can spend those bonuses on the best online slots Canada playing in a reliable casino. The welcome reward depends on the specific online casino and can be:

  1. 100%, 115%, 111%, 120%, 130%, 150% of the deposit amount or more;
  2. 15, 20, 30, 35, 40 50, 70, 100, 111 or more free spins (credited immediately or “distributed” by day).

As a rule, the welcome offers available under the Canada online casino loyalty program are accompanied by wagering conditions. The wager can reach x40 to the amount received. Plus, a gambling establishment has the right to set additional requirements for:

  • terms of use of the bonus offer;
  • the number of shares and awards;
  • slot machines on which the client bets;
  • amounts and so on.

Therefore, before agreeing to bonuses and loyalty programs, carefully study all the advantages and disadvantages of a certain casino.

Online free poker – your favorite game for your phone right now!

Online free poker – game features

There are a huge number of applications and sites for playing online free poker, but many players do not completely trust such opportunities. Why? Because most professional gamblers consider free apps a waste of time.

Among new poker players, it is believed that free games are not able to deliver the pleasure that a person receives when playing for real money. This is partly true, but in most cases it is free online poker games with fake money that help beginners to master the basic features of the game, understand the principles and prepare for victories in major tournaments. That is why this is the best option for both beginner poker players and those who are only going to participate in poker tournaments in the future.

Benefits of Free Versions

Among the advantages of online free poker, there are many factors. If you list all of them, it will take a lot of time, as well as words. Therefore, we list only some of them, the main and most valuable:

  • To play free online poker no download, which is especially nice for people who are used to value their time and the security of personal data;
  • Free versions are in no way inferior in quality to the paid versions of the gameplay, which increases their popularity among users;
  • Applications for a free game can be installed both on a computer and using special apk applications;
  • A huge number of different game options, ranging from the most popular Texas Hold’em to the most exotic and newest versions of poker, are waiting for players from all over the world to play at the virtual table;
  • There is no risk of losing real money, just play and have fun while improving your experience in poker.

Thus, free online poker games has a number of advantages that make it very useful for a wide range of players.

How to start playing free poker

The first steps are sometimes quite difficult, and if you have never played poker before, then most likely you don’t want to play for money right away and online free poker is best for you. That is why free games are what you need for a beginner, participating in which you can learn how to play poker or just practice.

You can start playing completely free:

  • Download a free, reliable client program and create an account;
  • Select in the client program the lobby “Conditional chips” (you can play for free both in the client for PC and in the mobile application);
  • Choose any free cash games, tournaments, sit-and-go and other games!

In addition, when you are ready to play with virtual money, you can take advantage of the wonderful free offer to play online free poker. In order to better understand the rules of the game, it is recommended that you study the free online guide, which will tell you about the basics of poker and which is included on the sites of most free versions of the game. If you are new to the game or just want to remember the rules, start from it.

Free online video poker is very popular for players

Free online video poker is very popular with players

Each type of game has a standard and unique set of combinations by which you can win, but everything is simpler than it seems. If you played poker or arcade games for money, then you are already familiar with the main combinations, and you can learn about the rest during the game.

A significant advantage of video poker is the ability to double your winnings, as on any device. The absence of extraneous players in the game significantly speeds up the process of the game itself, and also creates a comfort zone by the absence of smokers and simply boring people who distract from the game. You can complete the online game and collect the winnings at any time, for this you do not need to wait for other players or wait for the game to finish.

How to play free poker slots is for players

At the heart of the game are the rules of five card poker with the replacement of cards. Video poker online takes place in the “player against casino” mode with the distribution of cards only to the player. Moreover, the win depends on the combination you have collected and the selected bet – the higher the combination in the table, the greater the win. Playing Joker poker is very interesting and there is an opportunity to get a double bonus.

You should start the game by placing a bet, after which you need to click on the Play/Deal (hand over cards) button. Of the five available cards, you need to leave those that are as close as possible to the top of the pay table and click on them. Leave/Hold and click on “Play” again – this button will replace the cards that you have not selected. Now we look at the table and see what combination is collected and how much money is received. Online video poker will offer you to double your bet, where you can agree or decline this offer. Jackpot poker provides optimal gaming conditions for any gambler.

What types of poker slots available in casinos to play free

Video poker is more like an imitation than a real game, it attracts a lot of fans and this is largely due to the variety of unusual versions. Modern manufacturers present both classic models that exactly repeat the rules of poker, as well as non-standard variations of it. Based on the feedback from our visitors, we present the most popular types of video poker:

  • Bet Soft’s Jacks or Better, a model offering a game with standard rules, attracts fans of the classic version. The deck consists of 52 cards without jokers, and the simplest combination is a pair of jacks.
  • 10’s or Better is yet another Playtech development in general resembling the previous model. The game is played with 52 cards, there are no special symbols, however, in this version the requirements for the formation of the simplest combination are “reduced”: to get the minimum payout you need to collect a couple of dozen.
  • Jacks or Better according to NetEnt, where combinations are formed according to the usual rules. The action of service pictures is not provided, but the model allows you to play on multiple hands.
  • Betsoft’s Deuces Wild with a wild symbol – deuce – offers the formation of non-standard combinations that require the mandatory participation of a wild card.
  • American Poker II is the most popular video poker model unveiled by Novomatic. The main differences from the classic game are the non-standard senior combination, which multiplies the bet by 6,000 times and the peculiar calculation of the coefficient for combinations of a pair of jacks and above.

Advantages to play free for players

Play video poker online free at any convenient time and you do not need to spend your money. This version of poker is very popular among players, because it allows you to practice and test your own game strategy in order to play more successfully in the future.

Free online video poker games are very diverse, so they are very popular among a large number of players. Video poker online free is great for beginners who don’t want to risk their money.